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  • High precision
    of mechanical components
  • High-tech
  • Large
  • Complete service
    from production to assembly


The accuracy of details

We provide subcontract and sales account manufacturing precision machined components, according to clients specifications. The order can be processed starting from a sample, a drawn or a 3D mathematics.

Our numeric control machining centers with pallet exchange enable all kind of milling operations on 3rd, 4th, 5th axes.


Turning operations are carried out with numeric control lathes, with or without motorized tools, for bar machining with diameter from 3 to 50 mm. We can realize diameters up to 130 mm.


We are specialized in bending operations for pipes and bars throughout press machines from 5 to 50 tonne.


We realize the pressing of small mechanic components throughout press machines from 5 to 50 tonne, by using rolled metal sheets with thickness from 0.5 to 3 mm.


We realize tightening and rustication of tubes from 2 to 20 mm, with manual or automatic loading.


Our assembly department allows us to offer you a complete service with machined and assembled components, in groups or subgroups according to clients needs.


We produce and assemble every year

5,5 million

of components in automotive sector


Innovation at service of production

Production Philosophy

We have a large and high-tech machinery which enable us to provide a great variety of quality products at competitive prices, both for small batches (minimum 500 pieces) and large batches.


  • 5 pallet type vertical machining centers DOOSAN ACE VC500
  • 2 machining centre DOOSAN 5 axes DNM 350
  • athes DOOSAN LYNK 220 LMS
  • Lathes LYNS 200L GL
  • Lathes MIYANO LZ01
  • 3 Lathes XD20J
  • 2 Chucking lathes BIGLIA
  • Lathes BNE-S1 MYANO
  • 6 Press machine MIOS
  • 6 Press machine GPA
  • Saws S300 N

Machinery specifics

In M.P.E. are available machining centers on the 3rd, 4th, 5th axes that allows a working area of X650 Y500.

The turning department is equiped for the machining of series with diameter from 3 to 130 mm. We have press machines from 5 to 50 tonne.


Certificate and quality system

We guarantee the greatest quality . We do meticulous testing and inspection of all machined components in our temperature controlled metrology room by using the highest technology and following ISO 9001 quality standards.

Quality policy

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In 2010 we developed the quality system UNI EN ISO 9001
with the Certification Authority TUV.

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The strength of 40 years of experience

In the early eighties M.P.E. developed a production in all mechanical precision sectors at high technology levels, especially in the automotive one.
In 1997 the company moved to the current factory and achieved a production capacity of 15 million components per year.

The founders

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Via dei Sospiri, 30 - 12035 Racconigi (CN) - Italy
Tel. +39 0172 811 470
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